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Märklin C tracks support

Posted: Wed 14. Jan 2015, 21:15
by marwar
So since the full version can't be accessed in app store i did download the older one to try it out.
I build 3-4 of the Noch layoouts that they use, however none of them really works out.

So the question is if its noch layouts that isn't 100% of it the program? I really don't want to buy something that doesn't support the märklin c track fully.

let me know

Re: Märklin C tracks support

Posted: Thu 15. Jan 2015, 18:29
by pederbc
Hi Marwar,

I'm an old user of the previous version of Railmodeller and I can assure you that the C-track template is correct. If you check the Noch documents you will see that the layouts can be used with a some different track systems. Remember when you draw the layout in Railmodeller it will be "perfect". But as you know you can bend and twist a little bit and still make it work. I believe this is what Noch depends on.

Good luck /Peder

Re: Märklin C tracks support

Posted: Sat 17. Jan 2015, 07:15
by RailModeller Support
Hi there -

there are no known issues with the current Maerklin C libraries and from experience it's one of the cleaner designed track systems (as in: things to actually fit together).
From my experience and feedback I've received the noch sample layouts are quite creative and often don't match 100% when reproduced in software.

hope that helps,