Grad Function not working

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Grad Function not working

Post by jonklein611 » Sat 10. Jan 2015, 01:42

I can't set a % gradient and have the track laid on that profile. Also is the 3d view coming back?

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Re: Grad Function not working

Post by PickRail » Sun 8. Feb 2015, 02:29

How does this work? Or does it work. I've been trying to change elevation and create a grade and nothing I do seems to work? These options in the panel look like they are greyd out actually.

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Re: Grad Function not working

Post by RailModeller Support » Mon 16. Feb 2015, 19:09

A brief tutorial and online help is currently being prepared;
also work is currently under way to improve the usability of the grade functionality for update 5.0.5!

3D view will come back later this year with completely revised and extended functionality.

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