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User Preference Settings

Posted: Tue 24. Feb 2015, 13:04
by NSGeorge
Is there a way to customize the user interface that I haven't found? Specifically, I want to turn off the autosave feature, or, at a minimum, figure out how to delete "versions" I don't want. I imported my current layout and started drawing various ideas that I knew I didn't want to save. When I opened the layout the next time I had at least seven versions I didn't want. I found the "revert to" button in the menu, but now I want to delete the intervening versions. Frankly, my preference would be to manually save then I can control what I keep and what I don't; however, I would be reasonably happy if I could just get rid of the clutter of versions.

Re: User Preference Settings

Posted: Thu 26. Feb 2015, 16:33
by RailModeller Support
Versioning is a feature built-into Mac OS X and the frameworks most Mac apps are built on these days, so, unfortunately -
no, it's not possible as far as I'm aware.


Re: User Preference Settings

Posted: Wed 4. Mar 2015, 23:33
by Bergen
What I usually do, when I want to change things to an existing layout without breaking it, is to go to File > Duplicate. It will then open a copy of the layout. The title of the copy is in edit mode right away, so you can update the title of the copy.

I always start the name with the date of creation and then a name. Like: "2015-03-05 grade testing"