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Beta expired

Posted: Mon 23. Feb 2015, 09:40
by Bergen
The last email I got was on 12 Feb, containing a link to 5.0.4 beta 2. But every time I start it, it says "this beta version is expired". The software exits every time after about 30 seconds, so I can not use it anymore. Did I miss a new beta release?

Re: Beta expired

Posted: Thu 26. Feb 2015, 16:24
by RailModeller Support
Hi there -

Yes, 5.0.4 is expired by now and superseeded by the App Store update.

Beta 5.0.5 is about to be released later this week!
Took a bit longer than expected as there are quite some changes in the upcoming update.


Re: Beta expired

Posted: Wed 4. Mar 2015, 23:16
by Bergen
Yay the forum is back! Yes I received the update, so all is back to normal. Thanks. ;)