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Public beta is continuing

Posted: Fri 13. Mar 2015, 16:28
by RailModeller Support
The public beta phase will be continued as we keep improving and extending RailModeller Pro.

To get access to early builds of upcoming releases you can subscribe to our public beta mailing list:

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Re: Public beta is continuing

Posted: Sat 15. Aug 2015, 18:47
by fpm_michael
I have not seen a beta for awhile and my 5.08.B1 has expired. Am I behind or are we due for a new one soon?

Re: Public beta is continuing

Posted: Wed 26. Aug 2015, 17:19
by RailModeller Support
Hi Michael,

the last beta went out to all beta testers about a week ago and the public release for version 5.0.10 should be published by Apple on the Mac App Store within the next couple of days (assuming all going well as usual).

The beta mailinglist is however cleaned up from time to time removing email addresses from users who haven't opened the last half dozen mails to keep it up to date with only active users.