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by Hermanrail
Sat 10. Jan 2015, 14:01
Forum: Everything Else
Topic: group/ungroup function
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Re: group/ungroup function

Yep - tried all sorts of combintions - menu items seem permenantly greyed out and the keyboard shortcuts don't work.

However - if you select the "delete" tool (the 'X') you can delete individiual items of a group if that helps.
by Hermanrail
Fri 9. Jan 2015, 17:10
Forum: Working with RailModeller Pro
Topic: Working with Shapes
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Re: Working with Shapes

Don't know about you but I've also found with the shape that after the initial resize, it's not possible to resize any further - only to rotate the object! As such it doesn't seem possible to accurately draw a square - much less a rectangle! - which is one way I was hoping to get past the document s...
by Hermanrail
Fri 9. Jan 2015, 11:21
Forum: Working with RailModeller Pro
Topic: V5.0 Document Size
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V5.0 Document Size


Downloaded V5.0 this morning and have been playing - but cannot for the life of me work out how to change the document size.

Could somebody kindly point me in the right direction?